JMD Psychologists and Registered Counsellors in South Africa

JMDpsych was the first South African private psychology practice to launch a website.  It is time to rethink, reword and redesign.  Websites – like people – need change.  Sometimes fundamental change is good.

While we develop the website things might look a bit funny and links might lead nowhere.  Just try again another day…  Human change is the same.  Watching people develop and grow is the best, isn’t it?

When you book with a psychologist or registered counsellor for a therapy, counselling or coaching session or a corporate consultation, it is useful to have an idea who and what you will encounter.  Click on our photos below to see the range of psychological services we each offer, use the navigation bar for a list of our services, qualificationsfees and click on one of the words below to see the free resources and articles